East Industries is a specialist trader of agricultural products with customers that include oil mills, cracking mills and feed producers. We provide a range of selected products covering the key oilseeds and pulses.

Our markets are in Eastern and Western Europe. Our staff’s many years of experience and our extensive network of strategic partners ensure that we provide a reliable supply of high-quality products. Our aim is to run a lean, transparent, efficient and well-organised supply chain.

We transport your commodities by road, rail or sea depending on your preference.

Our company gives the highest priority to compliance with ethical and moral standards as well as with all relevant legal requirements. We are aware of our responsibilities and act accordingly.

We personally audit our key suppliers once a year. We focus on product safety, ensuring that products are GMO and glass free, and in particular that they fall within permitted limits for heavy metals, microbiology and pesticides.

You will always have experts available to talk to. Our staff all speak East European languages, which ensures fast and effective communication between our clients and our suppliers.

Use our services as you need them. We work in an efficient and cost effective manner that is tailored to your needs, providing comprehensive and sustainable services.

First and foremost this includes advice, in particular in relation to the most appropriate procurement strategy for customer requirements and market conditions.

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